2020 Formula Foil European Championships - event update

Travel, Equipment registration and updated documents.


We have been made aware that TAP is now operating the smaller Embraer 190 aircrafts to and from the island, which do not take windsurfing equipment aboard.

Other competitors have booked Ryanair, Azores Airlines or have opted for a cargo option from Lisbon to Azores
Send Boards from Lisbon to Azores (Terceira)
Tel: (+351) 296 209 797
Horário: das 08h00 às 18h00
Closed saturday and sunday
For further information please contact: Carlos Borges
Tel: + 351 968908817 Email: secretaria@cnpv.org

Equipment registration

Please be reminded that it is obligatory to register you equipment before the event. Please use the online form.

Updated Sailing Instructions and Notice of Race

We have been made aware by World Sailing that although this is a postponed event from 2020 we will need to use the updated 2021-2024 RRS. The NoR and SIs have been updated to reflect this.